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We are expert in surplus recovery claims.

Our team is made of a large network of recovery investigators and attorneys specialized in the field.

Our sole mission is to be at your service and assist you recovering your unclaimed funds.

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We all go through difficult stages in life. Having a supporting team by your side in those time is critical. I hope you will see throughout our interactions that we genuinely care and want to ultimately be of help.

Try our service and be a convinced judge.

Being part of the RiverView ARG team is something special. Everyday is different just as every clients have different stories. It is a uniquely rewarding to help each one of them and see them move on with their lives on a better spot using the claim proceeds.

It was a pleasure to join the team. It gave me the opportunity to work with the best in the industry. All that while helping those who could be taken advantage of. I am always amazed so many people get escheated of their money. It's Great to help change that!

William Sheahan

CEO/ President

Erika Jackson
Research Investigator

Steven McRoy

Lead Recovery Specialist

The US has Billions Dollars of unclaimed funds !

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The US has Billions Dollars of unclaimed funds !

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